Transform Your Space With These Flooring Tile Options

The most common tile is the square ceramic tile, usually white. You may find it difficult to navigate this area if you are new to tiles/home construction projects or if you renovate your home only rarely. Ceramic tiles are the most common, but many of us are unaware of the different prints, finishes, and looks available on the market to suit the needs of various spaces. You can choose from a variety of smart applications, such as germ-free tiles to improve your hygiene, slip-resistant tiles for older people, stain-free to make cleaning easier, and glazed tiles that allow light to bounce off to make your space seem larger.

Each type of tile is unique and has different properties to fit into other spaces. The theme of your home and the wall tiles that you plan to use should be reflected in the flooring tiles. Flooring tiles should be selected according to the color of the walls, accents, and decor in the room. Tiles are a major factor in the look of any room, so it is important to choose them carefully.

To avoid accidents in the home, choose tiles that are non-slippery and easy to clean. This article will introduce you to a new tile feature that is designed to keep your children safe and healthy. The tiles listed below are all germ-free. Silver ion technology is used in their glazes to combat germs and improve cleanliness. For more collections of germ-free tiles, 

Tiles are a better option than wood, granite, or cement for flooring because they are long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective. Make a single investment for the best look in your home or office. You can have a stylish house within your budget by using the following list of floor tiles.

1. Black is Royal

Bosco Black tiles are classified as large tiles with dimensions of 80*160 cm. The tiles have a super-glossy finish and are part of the category of polished glazed vitrified tiles. The GVT is coated with liquid glass during the firing and polished to give it a super-shiny finish. The polished glazed surfaces can be cleaned easily with water and some lemon/vinegar. Use any liquid that has citric properties to remove stains from these shiny surfaces quickly. Bosco black tiles have patented anti-germ properties that ensure hygiene. We all know how important this is in the post -Covid era. Silver ions in the tile glaze are present throughout the lifetime of the tiles. They become active when germs contact the surface. The silver ions migrate to the tile surface and kill microbes at the level of the cell membrane. We have tested these tiles, and they kill 99% of microbes according to standards and protocol. It gives your home a royal appearance with a unique accent of dark color when lit properly. These can be used in restaurants or bars as they work well for candlelight dinners. It is always worth trying something that combines safety with style.

2. The Chameleon Tile Family


Tiles do not have to be square. These tiles are rectangular planks measuring 120*20cm. These tiles look like wood on the floor but are more durable than wood. These glazed vitrified wood tiles offer a rustic, vintage look with durability. These tiles not only look like wood flooring, but they also match all of your wooden furniture. They are also very durable. These tiles are great for your balcony because they can handle all weather conditions. They also resist water. These tiles can add a stylish look to any room or house.

3. Get Beyond the Basics


This is another large rectangular glazed tile of 120*60 cm dimension. These tiles have unique patterns that resemble marble stones. They are ideal for luxury construction. These tiles give your home and furniture a beautiful look. To avoid clashing colors, you should purchase furniture that matches the blue-colored vitrified glazed tiles. To achieve the best effect, you can paint your walls a dark ocean blue or a light white. Then check it with a grey or white sofa. These tiles are popular in kitchens, box rooms, and hallways. They also look great in bedrooms. These tiles are making a return for the living room floor, thanks to their aesthetic appeal. From the outside, it looks like marble but has a ripple effect that makes you feel like you are living underwater.

4. Out Outdoorsy Vibe:


These designer wooden tiles can be used to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Use the same or a similar tile to create outdoor walls. Use the same tiles if you don’t want to use rectangular planks. They are best suited for this application. These tiles not only add a wood look to your outdoor space, but they are also durable and can withstand all weather conditions. These tiles have a square shape and are very elegant. They are perfect for adorning the walls of outdoor cafes. The matte finish gives your shop a rich appearance.

5. Lattice Print with Modern Design:


Johnson Granula Float Tiles look like embossed glass with floating granules carved onto them. Ceramic tiles with a high level of frost resistance are a great option because they prevent cracks from appearing on the surface. This square-shaped tile has a dimension of 60*60cm and falls under the category of medium-sized tiles. They are suitable for kitchen, hall, and bathroom flooring as they have a matte finish and are resistant to slippage. This product is often used on walls because it matches most furniture. It also gives the space a more aesthetic look. The lattice pattern gives off an old-fashioned lace effect. It is a cost-effective option that meets all of your aesthetic and modern expectations.

Final Tips:

Minimalism is good for your mental health. It’s not necessary to choose tiles with intricate or artistic designs to transform a space. This is a myth. It is entirely up to you how you arrange the colors. You can, for example, choose two colors that are contrasting and put them in a diagonal pattern to attract visitors. Our picks should have helped you choose the perfect option for your room. When your home reflects who you are, you will love it. You are viewed as a reflection in your home. Our highly polished glazed tiles will make your home shine like you.

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