How To Make Your Bathroom Elders And Kids Friendly

It is the smallest yet most visited room in any home that sounds to be the most hazardous. Around 2,35,000 people over the age of 15 have visited emergency hospitals due to bathroom accidents, according to data from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. These injuries are most common among people over 85 years old, with the main cause being falls caused by soapy liquids or moisture. A surprising fact is the 72% higher risk of a bathroom accident for women than men. This is due to their lower body strength and mass. According to these statistics, getting into and out of the shower or bathtub is considered as one of the most dangerous activities. It is important to have a bathroom that is accessible to both children and elders. Accidents can happen to anyone. Here are some simple but effective steps you can take in your bathroom in order to reduce the number of accidents and trips.


Proper Lighting


The most common cause of bathroom accidents in older people is reduced eyesight. It is recommended that lights be installed at key locations to help children and elders see the soap or moisture. Don’t believe the myth that a single bright light from the ceiling, placed over your head, can solve all of your bathroom lighting issues. The overhead lights can often confuse older people as they create shadows and illusions. In addition to installing overhead lighting, you can also light the area around the mirrors, the vanity in the bathroom, the adjacent water closets, and the shower curtain/area. Don’t forget to illuminate the path that leads from your bedroom to the bathroom, as wet feet can cause accidents.

Germ-free Tiles:


A study conducted in 2018 revealed that the bathroom is the place where germs multiply the fastest due to the moisture. In 2018, a study showed that the average person spends two years cleaning their home, with bathrooms and toilets as the most dreaded chore. Installing the H & R Johnson germ-free patented tile will help you ease your cleaning and stay away from bacteria and germs that can cause disease. Silver ions are used in this patented germ-free tile to kill bacteria and germs that come into contact with the surface. Germs activate silver ions and destroy or neutralize them, leaving the tile surface germ-free. These patented germ-free tiles are unique in that they do not add silver ions to the surface of the tiles. Instead, the silver ions form part of the glaze. This makes the germ-free properties permanent and long-lasting. You can, therefore, protect your family and yourself from harmful germs that are hidden in your bathroom.

Anti-skid materials:

Installing anti-skid material in your bathroom is essential, as aging results in weakening lower muscles and fragile skin. Millennials and people in their middle age can slip on the bathroom floor due to distractions, other pressures, or even from the bath. Kids are in constant exploration mode and always on the go. They do not realize the importance of being careful in the tub. Installing anti-skid tiles or tiles that are skid-resistant is a good idea if you’re building a new bathroom. The tiles have anti-skid elements on the surface. These tiles are slightly rough, and they provide enough friction to prevent us from slipping and falling. These tiles are best installed on the whole bathroom floor or in the shower since they are prone to accidents. It is important to have an anti-slip mat next to the bathtub, as this is the area most likely for accidents. Also, it should be near entrances and basins that are prone.


Grab Bars


Install these grab bars strategically in areas such as the shower area, the path from the bathroom to the toilet, or adjacent to the toilet. Install only high-quality grab bars that can handle the weight and pressure of older people.

Separate wet and dry areas:

Indian bathrooms should be kept moist unless they are left unattended. Western bathrooms have separate areas for wet and dried items. Consider having separate rooms for damp and dried things. Use a different color to make it easier to identify.

Raised closets


Standard heights for water closets and Omnisuits are 15-19 inches. Installing a taller water closet or a wall-mounted tankless seat can help relieve knee or joint pain in older people.

The placement of is extremely important:

Don’t make older people walk around the room to find the shampoo, soap, or other essentials. Place the cabinet as close to the shower as possible, or keep everything within reach.

Invest in shower chairs or transfer benches.


Shower chairs are essential if you have a separate shower area. Older adults may find it difficult to stand for long periods in damp areas. With knee pain, joint discomfort, and low flexibility, older people may find it difficult to lift their legs to the top. Consider investing in a transfer stool for your elderly.

Colourful walls:

Dark colors can make your bathroom feel dark and uncomfortable for older people. Opt for brightly colored tiles to lighten up the space and cheer up children.

Unplug your electronic appliances:

In recent years, it has become more popular to do your hair and makeup in your bathroom instead of the bedroom. You might own curling irons and straightening tongs, as well as a hairdryer. These appliances require an electrical supply. These appliances should be unplugged and stored the same way to prevent children from touching them and getting burned.

Final Note:

The safety of your children and elderly is more important than anything else. No compromises shall be made on the quality of materials. Set a budget and buy the best product that fits it. Install an emergency waterproof phone near the door to be able to call in an emergency. De-clutter your bathroom and arrange it every time so that children or elders do not accidentally hit themselves with objects. Even your attention to detail and regular cleaning can make a difference.

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