Budget-friendly home decor ideas

Planned to decorate your house on a tight budget? Interior designers share their tips on how to upgrade your home’s decor without breaking the bank. There are many other ways that you can update the appearance and feel of your house without spending a lot.
We asked home decor experts to give us their best tips for a quick home makeover. They suggested using things we already have, or that can be purchased easily without costing a lot. Some of these ideas might surprise you.

Brighten up your living space with new lighting.
Combining natural and artificial light is one of the best methods to bring life into any room. Sheer curtains with neutral colors are a great way to let direct sunlight into the room in different intensities. These curtains are also trendy, easy to maintain, and refreshing. If there is no natural light in the room, use artificial lighting such as lamps, chandeliers, or dimmers. This will make the room look warm, bright, and inviting. Consider placing some fragrant candles in fancy candle holders around the living room to enhance it further. These candles will add light and freshen the mood.

Build an accent wall.
The walls of a house can speak volumes about its inhabitants. When redecorating your home, it is important to start with the walls. Have you got family photos, wall stickers, or wall hangings in your dark closet? Make a wall display so that you can see their value. This is a wonderful way to bring back happy memories, use existing items, and personalize your space. Place a large frame or mirror in the middle of the arrangement to anchor it.

Be generous with your greens.

Palash Agrawal of Vedas Exports said in an interview with HT Lifestyle that “the easiest, simplest, and most affordable way for you to transform your room is to incorporate plants – whether they are indoor plants, hanging plants, or plant frames. Flowers, as well as plants, will bring a vibrant and fresh feel to any room. For a cleaner appearance, you can put them in vases or hang them on baskets. Get small pots for your plants and place them on your center table, your dining table, your windows, and other parts of your house. He suggested putting a tall indoor plant in a large pot next to your couch or TV unit so that it can be seen from all angles. You can opt for a simpler solution if you’re worried about neglected plants and dried petals. Place a bunch in a rustic jar.

Dress up your couch or coffee table.
While changing your couch or center table may be the fastest way to liven up your living room, it is often a waste of money and resources that would have otherwise lasted much longer. Resize the table if it’s too big, and reupholster your couch. Add a splash to the room with colorful pillow covers, table runners, and throws. Place a collection of books, tealight holders, and miniature flower vases at the center of the table. Add a few floor cushions of different sizes and shapes to the carpet or rug. This will provide additional seating. When you have a few friends over for a party, and you don’t want to use the table, you can move it towards the wall. You can then replace the table with cutlery, game boards, and candles.

Design a favorite spot.

Nishith Gupta of Sapana Carpet-Mats advised: “To create a favorite spot, you can create a visual separation by creating a separate room within a larger room. This can be done by using the corners closest to your balcony or window to create a zone that is dedicated to reading, working at home, or entertaining. Use a rug or room divider to define the space. Avoid cramming too much furniture into this space. “A compact wall-mounted bookshelf, a plush couch, and a floor lamp will be enough to fill the space and add visual interest.”

You can do so many things to liven up and decorate your home. All you need is a bit of creativity to breathe new life into your home.

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