17 Massage Therapist Tips and Tricks for a Successful Business

Every little effort counts when you are building a company. You have to manage time, energy and clients as a massage therapist. All three of these things are limited. You can make the most out of your resources by making small changes to how you run your business. The benefits of small changes are significant. Learn how. Continue reading to learn massage therapist tricks and tips for a sustainable and successful business.

Massage Therapist Tips for a Successful Career

You most valuable resources are your hands, energy and time. To maintain a massage career, you must protect these resources. These massage therapist tricks and tips will help you to maintain a successful career.

1. Work Smarter Not Harder

Massage therapy is prone to repetitive strain injuries, but these can be avoided. It is not a good idea to force your way through a massage. Instead, try this:

Prevent injury by using proper body mechanics. Take a course to help you improve your technique and posture.

Try using other tools,, as well as your forearms or elbows to complement the massage that you perform with your hands.

Lower the tableso that you can leverage body weight to create pressure.

Study functional anatomy. You can save time and money by learning to diagnose the root cause of a problem.

2. Make Self-Care Your Top Priority

Self care for massage therapists may be the most important ingredient to career longevity. It’s important to take care yourself when you work with people. If you are not at your peak, it is impossible to provide the best possible service.

3. Invest In Education

You will be motivated to continue your massage therapy career if you are always learning new things. You will be less likely to develop a repetitive stress injury if you practice a variety modalities. It will also make you a more effective therapist, and you’ll have more services to provide to your clients.

4. Pace yourself to avoid burnout

Massage therapists who work full-time see between 20 and 30 clients per week. This is less than a typical 40-hour week , IF it doesn’t include time spent managing the business. That time is important!

Tips for Creating a better Client Experience

You will continue to attract clients who are loyal because of the service you provide. You’ll be able to keep their loyalty for many years if you offer a better service than your competitors. Take your massage therapy to the next step with these tips.

5. Schedule Online Easily

Nobody likes to play phone tag. There are many independent massage therapists who do not employ a receptionist. This means that clients are often required to send a message, or text, in order to request an appointment. This is not a great customer experience. This will probably result in you losing a few clients.

Create online scheduling so that people can book at any time. It will save you money on a receptionist and your clients will love it.

6. Work On Time Management

Massage therapists can be so busy that they don’t have much time to talk before the client sits down. It is important to take the time to talk with clients before they receive a massage. This allows you to give a better massage. Connecting takes only a few moments before the session. Do not skip this step.

7. Take Action: Follow-up

Send a new issue to existing and new clients a few days following their session. Check in to see how the client is doing. It’s important to do this because they are unlikely to reach out. This shows that you care and gives them the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns. You can follow up with a quick email, text message or phone call. It is important to maintain communication.

8. Invest in Your Space

The environment plays a major role in the massage experience. Create an calming massage room to give clients a feeling of calmness upon entering. It’s likely that they don’t have anything like this in their home. It’s one of the reasons they come to you. It’s their sanctuary.

9. How to Boost Productivity in Your Massage Clinic

Do you want to build a sustainable and successful business? Get rid of as much as you can to focus on the important things. Here are some tips and tricks to increase productivity in a massage clinic.

10. Automated Appointment Reminders

What is the biggest time waster for a masseuse? Clients who don’t attend their appointments. Use a system that can send clients reminders.

11. Custom SOAP Notes

It is important to keep track of your treatment. Chart your treatment using a Soap Note template. You can streamline your treatment process by creating a customized form for each modality. With a system of SOAP notes in place, it is easy to keep accurate records.

12. Send in advance the intake forms

The time spent on printing, filing, and waiting for others to complete paperwork is a waste of precious time. can help you reclaim this time by sending digital intake forms prior to appointments. You’ll have all the information you need when your client comes through the door. You don’t need a filing cabinet.

13. Schedule Recurring Appointments

Set up a regular appointment instead of booking clients individually. Create recurring appointments that occur at the same time every week or month to streamline your schedule. Rebooking massage clients will ensure that clients return when needed. It also eliminates the need for constant scheduling comparisons.

14. Accept online payments

When you let people book online, you can accept payments online. It saves you time and prevents no-shows. You can accept payment in a few clicks if you have their card stored. This allows your client to leave the room without having to dig through their wallet.

How to market your massage business.

You can market more easily to your existing clients. Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and invite them back. People often intend to reschedule but don’t. They forget because life gets in the way.

15. Engage in Social Media

Regular social media massage therapy posts keep your audience in mind. Create posts for a whole month. Schedule them for publication over the next few weeks. This simple strategy will keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds without spending any money.

16. Reward your clients with gifts

Give them special treats every now and then. You can do this by recognizing their birthdays. Send them a birthday card or offer them a discount. Send birthday emails automatically so that you don’t miss anyone.

17. Advertise Upcoming Openings

Advertise your availability to your email subscribers at the beginning of each week. can send an availability campaign to your subscribers at the start of each week. Last-minute appointments will make clients happy. You can also read our article about specials on massage therapy in Auckland.

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