5 Important Conversations to Have Before You Tie the Knot!

Marriage is a major life event that almost everyone looks forward to and plans carefully for. The excitement of getting to spend a lifetime with your partner and taking on life adventures together is surely something to look forward to. However, planning the wedding is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tying the knot. As two individuals come together into the institution of marriage, here are a few important conversations to have so that you are completely ready to embark on this journey with the love of your life:

The health insurance you are opting for your family

Discussing whether you are opting for public health insurance or private health insurance in Australia is a conversation that every couple should have because while things are great now, things can and do go wrong. Health insurance can be a lifesaver during difficult times and be a real safety net for financial stability. 

It ensures you can avail the highest quality of healthcare services at premier hospitals without any worries or major delays, allowing you to fully focus on your recovery and get back to those good times with your new life partner. There are different insurers in Australia offering different coverage levels, and an in-depth public and private health insurance comparison can help you decide which way to go. 

Discussing your finances

Talking about money is never easy, especially in those early days. We get it. But it’s just so important when it comes to a healthy and happy marriage. Understanding the debts and status of current savings, credit cards, and general financial life goals is essential. These will help you create clear and attainable milestones without compromising the quality of life you lead. Thes discussions will make sure you’re on the same page going forward.

Additionally, if you or your partner has a debt, you can plan for ways to repay it as soon as possible. Chats about your current joint financial situation will also help you decide on the wedding budget so that you do not end up overspending and further deepen the debt. 

Do you want to have children?

While it is a sensitive question to ask a couple, it’s essential to discuss this with each other. Raising children is the biggest responsibility you will take on as a couple, and different opinions can lead to bumps in the road, or even major roadblocks, so to avoid heartbreak, get this discussion done early.

Having a definite answer helps in planning for this step and communicating complementary parenting styles is crucial here too. This will also help you plan your finances well, as childbirth-related expenses can be overwhelming if not planned carefully. It will also ensure you are able to save for their education in advance. 

Where do you want to live?

Most of us choose to live in a city where our workplace is located as our lives greatly revolve around commuting to the workplace. However, are you planning to stay in the same area after marriage? Or do you plan to move to a different city offering better opportunities or comfort or making a move depending on your new life partner’s preferences.

Establishing this in advance ensures you are able to plan a budget that allows for a comfortable relocation and eventually purchasing a property of your own, which brings us to our next point.

How the chores will be split up

Identifying key skills and preferences and negotiating who takes on which household chores early on will save you both from disagreements and resentment. Being clear and transparent about what areas you can take on such as the garden maintenance the washing, and where you will not be of much help (such as cooking) will ensure a smooth share of responsibilities. 

It will also help to determine how frequently you have to book professional cleaning services to take on bigger cleaning challenges like gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. 

Parting Words

Marriage is a rollercoaster of countless experiences that are all unique in their own way, be it taking time to discuss who cooks the dinner tonight, to working on a budget that includes taking the time to compare private health care. These conversations really must be dealt with in advance to prevent later mishaps or misunderstandings. Be transparent with your partner at every step of the way and find a creative way to deal with things that are not falling in place as they arise; that way you’ll keep connected and happy as you share your lives together.

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