How Do I Fix a Broken Bong

You may have owned a bong made of glass and you are aware that accidents happen. Your bong could end up in pieces. Glass bongs can easily break, either from a fall or a slip. What should you do when your bong breaks? You can fix it or buy a replacement.
Let’s start by asking if you can repair a broken bong. Yes, you can fix a broken glass bong, but the way it was broken will determine whether or not it is possible. You may be able fix a chip or crack with a glass repair tool if it is only a small one. If the damage is severe, like a broken bong, you may not be able fix it.

Even if you fix a bong that’s broken, it won’t be the same. Glass may become weaker in the repaired area, and may no longer function as well. The appearance of the bong could also be changed, so it might not look the same as before.
What should you do when your bong breaks beyond repair or you don’t feel like fixing it yourself? vape mate offers the ideal solution with their Bong Care Insurance Program.

vape mate has an insurance policy that covers their bongs above $99 for 1 year against breakage. You can use your vape mate Bong Care Insurance to get a 50% discount on a vape mate replacement if your bong breaks during this time period. If you purchased a $100 bong, and it breaks, you will receive $50 in store credit.

It’s also easy to make a claim. Fill out the online form and attach a picture of your vape mate bong broken with a note handwritten with the current date, and your email address when you purchased the bong originally from After vape mate verifies your claim, you will receive a coupon for 50% off the original price. You can use this coupon to buy the same bong, or any other.
You must provide clear proof that your bong was broken. This includes a note with your current name and date. You do not have to return your broken glass bong in order to get the discount coupon.

Vape mate Bong Insurance will cover you for a year. If you break your glass bong multiple times during that time period, you’ll be covered. You can wait until the vape mate Bong is back in stock to buy another one, or you can use your discount code. The discount code can only be used to purchase another vape mate Bong during your warranty period. For more info – glass bongs for sale.

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