The ten most stunning color combinations for exterior house painting

The interior design journey begins with the surface of a home. The three most essential components when designing the exterior of a home are the exterior paint, roof design, and front porch.

Color combinations for exterior house painting will depend on the location of the house and its surroundings. Let us show you some fantastic suggestions for color combinations in exterior house painting.

Blue and Grey: A Classic Combination for House Exterior Painting

This modern white house is an excellent example of a color combination that will make your home look stunning and minimal. This color will give your house a clean look and a cooling effect, perfect for tropical areas.

You can select different shades of white from the color family. White Dove, a soft white with a hint of warm grey, is available in many shades.

You can use colors such as brown, grey, or blue for exterior house painting. The shutters’ blue and windows’ glass add a calming angle to the white exterior paint. The brown color is combined with white marble bricks, adding a natural inclination. This is an excellent option if your house has modern architecture.

Go For A Terracotta Crush Colour Combination For House Exterior Painting

Do not be afraid to experiment with unusual colors, such as this light-plain terracotta splashed with white. This house has a primary color scheme of plain terracotta, which gives it a warm and homey feel. This color has a natural feel that blends perfectly with a lush green lawn. The white borders define the design. The roof shingles add a soft appeal to both colors. This color combination is best suited for Indian bungalows or colonial-style houses.

The exterior paint of a house can be painted in a very peri color combination.

Pantone has chosen Very Peri as the color of 2022. The color is vibrant. It is an excellent color because it blends well with other colors, such as white and brown. Two shades of Very Peri, one lighter than the other, can represent different aspects of your home. This is a popular color that would look fantastic on Indian homes.

The Perfect Colour Combination for Small Houses: Turquoise Blue and White

The color blue is the most calming in the spectrum. It is calming and reduces stress. Blue is the predominant color in the exterior design, while white is used on the doors and windows. The combination of turquoise and white creates an incredibly serene sight. It will enhance the look of your home. This exterior color is perfect for bungalows or cottage-style houses.

Yellow and Grey color combinations for exterior house painting

You can choose yellow for your house’s exterior. It is a color that instantly brings a positive feeling. We have white doors and windows, grey roof tiles, and mustard yellow paint.

Use yellow with white and grey to create a harmonious combination. Avoid using white for the roof, as it can appear too loud, particularly in sunny areas.

Red & Stone-White Colour Combinations are Offbeat But Classy

This tiny house is perfect for a family of three. The dominant color in the place is clay red with a touch of white stone. Clay red and white stones are natural colors and reflect a soothing vibe. This color combination is also a good choice for a natural environment. The garage shutters and roof shingles are dark brown and blend well with the stone-white and clay-red palette.

Olive Green and Brown color combination for exterior house painting

The olive green of this real craftsman-style house creates a stunning landscape. Olive green gives the place a calming, restful feel. This color scheme is best suited for suburban areas that have green surroundings. This bungalow is completed with brown roof shingles. This home is brightened by white in the door and window frames.

Pink and Dark Grey – A fun color combination for exterior house painting

You need to try the right color combinations if you think that pink exterior paint can be overwhelming! The exterior of this cottage-style home is enhanced by a variety of pink, white, and dark gray. The white and pink complement each other. The dark grey roof, however, brings out the pink and harmonizes it perfectly. You can use lavender wall paint if pink is not your style.

Blend Blue, Grey, and White with Red for House Exterior Painting

The exciting white, grey, and red combinations make this blue paradise brighter. The house has two different blue shades. The brick wall area is more colorful and vibrant, while the vinyl wall coverings are matte. The two blues create a two-toned effect, breaking up the exterior design’s monotony. The white window frames, door frames, and pillars add a vibrant touch, while the front door in red is the accent design.

What about a cream and brown color combination for the house exterior painting?

This is the perfect and subtle color combination for exterior house painting. The cream color covers most of the home, giving it a calm and serene look. The dark brown window frames complement the light brown front porch, which blends perfectly with the exterior cream paint. This combination of colors is best suited to independent homes that want to enhance the look of their house with front lawn greenery.

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