Best Indoor Plants For Bedrooms

Recent research found that 39 of the 50 polluted cities around the globe are in India. It is not surprising that air quality in India’s metropolises is low and can even be hazardous. Plants can be a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to electronic air purifiers. Even if you don’t water them every day, many indoor plants will thrive in your bedroom. These plants are more than just decorative pieces. Greenery indoors reduces air pollution, relieves stress, and helps you catch some Z’s.

Here are the best indoor plants that can transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.

Boston Fern: the Best Indoor Plant for the Bedroom

You can find a variety of indoor plants that look great and are easy to care for. The Boston Fern is a great option. Boston Fern is a popular houseplant with feathered leaves that add oodles of color to any room. It can be styled in two ways: on the floor or suspended as a decor accent. This is the ideal plant for a sunny bedroom corner. The plants thrive with a mist spray every other day.

Monstera: A Low-Maintenance Indoor Plant For the Bedroom

The Monstera is one of the best indoor plants to use in a bedroom. Monsteras, also known as Swiss cheese plants, have beautiful and glossy leaves that bring a luxurious touch to any room. These easy-going plants are low maintenance and require only weekly watering. We recommend starting with a Monstera if you’re a new plant parent. They are hardy and look great with modern furniture.

Philodendron Birkin – One of the best low-light plants for bedroom

Are you looking for a lush green plant to decorate your bedroom? Philodendron Birkin is perfect with its white pinstriped leaves. Fast-growing plants that require mid-bright or indirect sunlight and are watered weekly will bring positive vibes to your bedroom. Once a week, you can plant it in your garden or balcony to keep the bright green color. Use a cute pot to transform your bedroom from a dull space into a serene oasis.

Rubber Indoor Plants For Better Sleep

Rubber plants are one of the best indoor plants to have in a bedroom. The dark, glossy, and hardy leaves of the rubber plant give a rainforest-like feel to any room. This low-maintenance indoor plant is perfect for those who are busy and needing more time to care for their plants. It is best to place it in an area that gets filtered sunlight. Water the plant only when the soil becomes dry. This is usually done weekly.

Dracaena Indoor Plants For Oxygen In Bedroom

Dracaena is not only a great indoor plant for oxygen but also a beautiful decor item. The plant can grow to about three feet in height, and its dramatic foliage with intricate red and green detailing adds value to the room beyond aesthetics. Dracaenas prefer moderately lit soil and moist soil. Place your pot where it receives an hour or more of direct sunlight. The long strappy leaves will add a touch of vibrancy and beauty to your bedroom.

These are the best plants to have in your bedroom if you like bright greenery. These plants can survive in low-moderate light and require only occasional watering. They also purify your air. Contact us at designated if you are unsure how to match your plant to the decor in your room. We’ll work with you to create a space that reflects your personality.

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