Five Home Decor Tips to Reinvigorate Your Sex Life

It’s difficult to feel sexy if your home is messy, dirty, and disrepair. You’re busy enough just getting to your front door. When you arrive home, you need a sense of calm and order. It can be hard to relax and feel centered on having a naughty time if you don’t. That’s why we’ve got home décor tips to reinvigorate the sex life. A complete Queer Eye makeover would undoubtedly be impressive. You don’t have to make such drastic changes to give your room a sexier feel. You can make subtle changes to your bedroom or even the entire house, apartment, condo, etc., to feel more sexy.

Create a welcoming space. The cleaner your home is, the more you will want to dirty up with your partner. Here are five ways you can boost your sex life in your home.

Clear the clutter

Regarding great sexual experiences, navigating a chaotic environment is a major mood killer. You’ll be more likely to think about the laundry and cleaning up your mess than you will about the desire to have sex with your partner.

Say no to piles. Put the laundry into the hamper. Place the clean clothes in the hamper. Make your bed each morning. Keep all surfaces clean, including the floors. Use your dresser, closet, and drawers. Make your mother proud. You’ll be surprised at how much better and more attractive you will be to your partner if you don’t feel drowning in things.

Love your light

It is never a good idea to use harsh lighting. It can also be a deal-breaker for sex. You want to be at your best when you play with your partner. Good lighting can help you achieve that. Install dimmable lamps or bulbs with lower wattage in your bedside lamps.

Candlelight can be a mood-setter that is also very forgiving. Store a few matches or lighters in areas you may find yourself feisty. You can store them on nightstands, side tables, or even in the kitchen.

Color me sexy

It may seem a bit crazy, but please listen to me. Color can affect our moods. Consider changing your walls if you find that they are too bright and make you feel uncomfortable. Consider warm tones that will make you feel more oozy rather than woozy.

If the colors work, but your paint job doesn’t look great, you can touch up the areas. You can create a calming and sensual atmosphere using walls free of dings, marks, and scrapes. Imagine the place where you feel most relaxed and sexy. It should be warm and inviting. The colors, the decor, and the overall state of your home and bedroom should evoke the same feelings.

Create the bed that you would like to sleep in.

What you put on your bed will have a significant impact on what happens in it. Creates a seductive environment by using fresh, comfortable linens. They should feel soft and have a pleasant smell. You should have at least two great sets of sheets and change them every week. Consider how much time in bed you spend or would like to. Spend a little more on bedding that feels and looks great.

Consider buying a duvet that can be washed regularly. A plethora of pillows and layers of linens can give the appearance and feel of an upscale hotel. A gorgeous bed will inspire you to jump in and enjoy the luxury. It’s even better if someone else can help you.

Smell the mood

Regarding the five basic senses, it is easy to overlook how strong smell can be. Nothing can create or destroy a mood better than smell. Your house should always smell neutral or good. In your bedroom, adding a scent to make you feel centered, sexy, and relaxed can enhance the mood.

Consider warm, sensual aromas such as vanilla, caramels, baked goods, and spicy blends. Candles can be used to inspire two of your senses since you will already want to illuminate the room. You can use a spray or plug-in on your linens or the space to ensure the scent lasts as long as possible.

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