Christmas Decorations: What Ladder Do I Need?

We are all excited about the Christmas season. Turning your home into Santa’s Grotto is a great way to feel festive.

Outdoor Decorations

It’s a good idea to hang decorations outside your home. It can be difficult to put up the decorations unless you are armed with a ladder.

You might not need to use a ladder as long as you are hanging lights outside of a summerhouse or bungalow. A lightweight aluminum ladder is a good choice for hanging outdoor lighting at a lower level.

If you want to decorate a house with two or more stories, then you’ll need something longer. You’re better off choosing an extension ladder that can be leaning against the house as you work.

There are times when you have to hang lights near overhead power lines. We recommend that you use a nonconductive fiberglass ladder in this situation to keep yourself safe at all times. Usually, you can find fiberglass extensions and step ladders that will keep you safe no matter what height.

The last decorations are those that you will need to put up on your roof. You could use chimney lights or even a sleigh with eight reindeer pulling it through the night. You’ll need to use a ladder in order to climb onto your roof safely safely. Roof ladders are designed with a curved edge that hooks onto your roof to provide a more secure grip.

Indoor Decorations

Most people do not bother to decorate their homes with decorations for Christmas. However, almost everyone does! A ladder can be used to help you with a tall tree or to hang lights on the stairs.

A small platform, such as a jump-up, could be sufficient to reach the top of the trees. These small platforms can be a good investment as they offer a large surface and can also be used to paint and decorate later in the season.

For really, really tall trees, you might need something more substantial. Aluminum ladders are perfect for this. These ladders are easy to transport around the home, and they’re the perfect height to reach the corners of rooms. Perfect if you have mistletoe hanging!

ladder combination is the perfect choice if you need a ladder to do work both inside and outside your home. Combination ladders can be used to work on stairs, and they can also be reconfigured as an extension or step ladder.

If you are ready to makeover your home for Christmas, make sure that you have the necessary tools.

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