DNA11 Is Revolutionizing The Decor Industry With Personalized Wall Art

This very well-known quote tells us that when there is a necessity, then there will be discovery. Humans are surrounded in the 21st Century by a variety of exceptional and notable discoveries made by great minds. These findings have been a boon for humanity.

Every person, in some way or another, is constantly learning and working to discover new things each day. Science and technology also play an important role in helping people. “Technology is the science behind craft,” as it was said. Technology, combined with a skilled mind and a determined human intention, creates a path for discoveries in different scientific fields.

Biotechnology is one of the most researched fields in modern biology. Researchers were engaged ten years ago to discover the actual structure of DNA (molecule of Life).

James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins won the Nobel Prize after a series of experiments, models, and designs. The researchers concluded that the key to the structure was a spiraling ladder known as a double-helix. Many more genome studies are being carried out today by various companies to find how DNA pairs connect and their impact on health or diseases.

Ottawa-based DNA11 has achieved new heights in the art of gifting by transforming molecule artworks into personalized home decors.

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