5 Steps to Choose the Best Painter for Your House

The colours of a person can reveal a lot about them. It’s even more important when it comes to your home. The process of choosing the right colour for your house or room is just as difficult and important as the actual construction. It’s not difficult, but it isn’t easy either. The first step is to find the best contractor or painter for your residential painting. This article will show you how to choose the right painter to paint your home.

1. Meet Multiple Contractors

It’s possible that the big hoarding a happy painter has in your neighborhood is not what you need. You should invite at least three contractors to come and inspect your home. The better the bond between your home and the painter will be the more time that the contractor spends walking around the house to brief you. You may also gain expert knowledge on how to paint a house, and you can share this with your family and friends.

2. Negotiate early

It is essential to have trust in order to get the job done. When trust takes over, relationships can sour. Contractors will often bid low in order to gain your trust. However, mid-project, they increase the cost and turnaround time. You must be clear about your expectations and your responsibilities in the event of an emergency.

3. Learn about the different types of paint

Although an experienced contractor will ideally give you the best options for paint, you can stay ahead of the game by knowing the basics. Latex and oil-based paints are both available. Latex paint tends to be washable and last longer than oil based paint. Oil-based paints give a more vibrant visual appeal to wood textures. Next, you should consider the sheen or polish.

Choose a high-gloss paint for rooms with children. Semi-gloss paint is a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms as it’s washable, but also cheaper. Satin is a variation of semi-gloss. Satin paint can be washed but does not have a gloss. The choice of colour is as important as the texture. Consider the location of the room and house, and work with your contractor to breathe new life into your home.

4. How to Get a Contract Letter

A contract letter will protect you from unwanted harassment if something goes wrong. The contract letter must clearly state the total price, the inclusions and the exclusions of the paintwork as well as all relevant details about the contractor such as name, address (office and residence), phone number, and license. Get a copy the contractor’s policy if you can. You will avoid legal problems in the event that a neighbor’s property is damaged or if an accident causes injury to a painter.

5. Pay in Instalments

Contractors may use this tactic to get you to pay the full amount up front. Only pay if the contractor can provide references that support his claims. It’s best to pay 75% up front for a contractor that you don’t know and to keep the remaining 25% on hold. You can then register a complaint if it comes to that.

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