You’ll want to prepare for your move, whether you’re moving across town, out of the state, or to another city. You’ll also have to clean the house yourself before you list it on the market or before you return the keys to your landlord at the end of your lease. While a move-in / move-out cleaning may seem daunting, you can make it a breeze by being organized and making the necessary preparations.

A simple cleaning checklist is a great way to stay organized. But a well-planned move out cleaning in auckland will make it a lot easier. Here are some useful tips for tackling move out cleaning in an efficient and effective manner.

Pack All Your Stuff First

Later, you can do the cleaning. Do not forget to clean the inside of your drawers and cabinets! After you have packed all your belongings into suitcases or storage boxes, the house will need cleaning again. You’ll also have more room to clean without having knick knacks all over. You can find more moving tips here.

Move Boxes To One Area In The Home.

If you are unable to transport your boxes yet, stack them in a corner or separate room. It’s much easier to clean your house thoroughly without having to worry about bumping into all of your stuff. After you have moved out completely, you can clean the area where you stored your boxes. You can also touch up any areas that need it. Check that everything is in order by doing a final walk through.

Keep Your House Clean From Top To Bottom.

To begin your move-in & move-out cleaning, remove cobwebs from ceiling lights and ceiling fans. Wearing a mask is recommended, as dust and dirt can become airborne when you begin cleaning higher areas. To do this, you can either get on a ladder or place a rag and rubber band over your mop/broom to create a long-reach duster! Start wiping the walls at the top, and work your way slowly down. Change to clean rags when the wall becomes dirty. Take a damp, wrung-out cloth and gently rub it over any stubborn wall stains. This will prevent damage to the wall or paint. Replace the water regularly.

Polished Windows And Doorframes

Wipe down your window frames, ledges, and glass panes to remove dirt. Wipe the window frames with a damp cloth to brighten them and remove any stains. The tracks can be cleaned with a vacuum or wiped. Do the same with your door frames and doors around the home to thoroughly clean the area.

Wipe Wall Plates And Light Switch Covers.

When it comes to cleaning the house, they are often forgotten. Over time, fingerprints and paint build up to create a gummy film. Spray the cleaner on the cloth, not the plate.

Cleaning Kitchen Counters & Cabinets

A deep clean may be necessary depending on the condition and age of your counters or cabinetsThe kitchen will be scrutinized by landlords before they return your deposit. You may have to go to extra lengths to ensure that your kitchen is odor-free and sanitary.

Vacuum / Sweep / Mop The Entire House

The best way to clean your entire home is to vacuum, sweep or mop it all at once. When you sweep or mop one area at a time, dirt and dust can easily transfer from another room into the room that was just cleaned. It prolongs the process. To ensure a long-lasting shine, start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor in each room. Replace the water regularly.

Bathrooms Are Last

Why? You and your family members or other helpers may use the bathroom a lot during your move-out cleaning. You should clean the bathrooms after you have finished using them. It’s likely that they are dirty, so a thorough cleaning is needed to make them gleam again. Polish the bathtubs and mirrors with a dry cloth.

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