Your Best Guide to Retiring in Style

Planning for retirement living can be unsettling, to downright scary, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. There is a lot to consider after you have decided to downsize from the family home and are thinking about various Aussie retirement living options. It can feel a bit overwhelming too. The location is probably one of the most important things to decide on. Are you looking to shift to a particular lifestyle destination, or do you want to be closer to family? Do you want to travel more? Or are you looking to indulge your hobbies and just relax? Do you want to be near the action or prefer somewhere a bit quieter? The financial considerations are naturally important to consider when making your choice. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a post-retirement lifestyle. The good news is that in Sydney, you have many options to choose from. Here are five excellent options to take a closer look at and help you to decide where to spend your golden years.

Independent Living

Independent living is community living for people who prefer the freedom of living in their own unit or apartment. It means buying or renting a home within a housing development inhabited by a senior community of like-minded people. You don’t have to be retired to move into independent living, but you must be 55 years or above. If you want to live in a safer environment rather than in a house and all the responsibilities that entails, and wish to be more included in a broader community, senior apartments independent living solutions are probably the best choice for you. These homes are usually better designed to support your mobility, too with ramped access, grab rails and safe bench heights.

Retirement Villages

Across Australia, there are over 2200 retirement villages, providing accommodation for over 180,000 seniors over the age of 55 and up to 100+ years of age! Residents living in retirement villages are, on average, older than a decade ago, with 95 per cent aged over 65 years. While the law specifies you must be 55 or older to join a village, today, the average age of entry is 75. Retirement villages are intended to support aging while offering a sense of community, too. They provide safety and security and much peace of mind. Village homes are leased, meaning you do not own them; a lump sum is paid when entering the facility. Your departure fees are also paid with this money.

Co-located Villages

Co-located villages are retirement villages that have an aged care nursing home either attached to it or on the same campus or block of land. If thinking long-term when deciding on appropriate retirement living options, co-located villages are a viable option. Being close to their next potential home grants residents peace of mind knowing that don’t have to move once again when they may need more care.  It can be a little daunting for some to look this far ahead, but can be a practical and comforting move, too. So, choose wisely depending on your individual personality and perspective. Co-located villages are not common and are usually run by non-profit organisations.

Assisted Living

Senior assisted living is an excellent way for seniors to continue living in their own homes and receive the care and support they need at the same time. Assisted living endeavours to provide residents with a full range of services, including help with daily living activities, meals, and management of medication. Many senior assisted living communities have on-site care staff who are available at all times. This allows residents to receive the level of care they desire and need without having to venture out themselves. Many communities also offer social and recreational opportunities, which are excellent for seniors to feel connected to and engaged with the world around them.

Land Lease Communities 

Land lease communities are also known as Resort Communities. This living arrangement is targeted at younger retirees ages 50 and up. It is a great lifestyle option for those wanting to spend their retirement surrounded by like-minded people in homes they can be happy and comfortable in. Land lease communities entail a relatively new concept that offers affordable yet upscale housing options whereby you own your home and lease the land it sits on. If you want to sell, you can keep the entire amount of the sale. Many of these communities also have tennis courts, swimming pools and luxurious amenities.

In Summary

There is a perfect lifestyle for every Aussie retiree. It is just a matter of figuring out which feels like the right match for you. With so many options, where you live will be an important part of your journey of a happy and rewarding retirement. 

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