When Lachlan Murdoch succeeds his father, he might need to reset News Corp

The opportunity exists to rebuild the relationship with former U.S. President Donald Trump as Rupert Murdoch passes the reins to his son Lachlan. Fox would benefit from this, as Trump has high ratings. It may be harder than first thought.

Trump chose not to attend Fox’s Republican Debates due to the deterioration in the relationship between Murdoch and the former President. Trump’s refusal to participate in any of the debates did not affect his chances of winning the nomination.

In a J.L. Partners poll. The commentator says that the fact that Fox relies more on Trump because of missing the debates is further proof.

Trump has had a love-hate relationship for a long time with Fox, especially with his connections to Murdoch and his Family. Trump was a regular on Page Six of the Murdoch-owned New York Post during the 1980s. His frequent appearances transformed him from a New York property developer to a celebrity.

Murdoch initially supported it during the 2016 election cycle. Jeb Bush is the son of former President George H.W. Bush, the brother of President George W. Bush. Trump’s first support in the Fox organization came from Roger Ailes as the CEO and Bill O’Reilly as the leading presenter.

Murdoch said the Republican Party “would be mad” not to unite behind Trump when he became the front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2016. Fox and Trump had a mutually beneficial relationship. Fox supported Trump’s campaign while Trump increased Fox’s viewership.

It’s not that everything was smooth. He demanded to replace Fox anchor Megyn Kel as host of a second Fox-hosted discussion after accusing her of treating him badly in the previous debate. After Fox refused, he skipped the second debate and said to journalists: “Let’s just see how much Fox will make without me.”

Fox News was dedicated to the Trump Presidency. Fox News was a vital mouthpiece of the Trump administration during the first year. Fox and Friends was the station’s morning show, and it served as a bridge between Trump and Republicans. Trump responded by reiterating Fox’s talking point on his Twitter account.

On the night of the 2020 elections, Fox announced that Joe Biden won Arizona. This was a betrayal for the Trump campaign. Steve Bannon, former chief strategist of Trump and host of the War Room Podcast, told CPAC attendees in March that Fox did so unjustly. He attacked Fox constantly during his speech.

In April, the gulf between Trump’s views and those of Fox News widened. Fox’s backing for Trump’s baseless conspiracies surrounding vote rigging in the 2020 presidential elections led to the organization agreeing to settle a defamation suit against the owners of voting machines, Dominion Voting Systems. The settlement was US$787.5 (PS631.8) million.

According to reports, Trump viewed the settlement, which included admitting the claims were unfounded, as an organization turning their back on him. Murdoch’s sworn testimony stating that “the elections were not stolen” made the situation worse.

Murdoch, the Maga-Hating Murdoch

Trump has a good relationship with Fox hosts. However, his relationship with Murdoch is deteriorating. Trump has called Murdoch and Fox executives “MAGA-hating globalist RINOS.” His relationship with Fox is no longer the same as in 2016. He has also recently complained that Fox and Friends have treated him unfairly.

Making America great? Donald Trump, former Fox host Tucker Carlson, and Republican congresswoman Majorie Greene. Justin Lane/EPA-EFE

Trump posted on his Truth Social website that he did not attend the debate because he had been so far ahead of his opponents in recent polls. The viewing figures were slightly higher than expected for the discussion without Trump, but they were still half as high as those from the 2016 corresponding event.

Trump’s decision, shortly after the debate, to release an interview with former Fox star Tucker Carlson was another slap on the face of Fox. The choice of Carlson as the host was an attack on Fox. He has repeatedly stated that he hates Trump and claimed that he had himself been fired from Fox News under the Dominion agreement.

Trump’s lack of participation in the Republican debates will not affect his chances to win the nomination. FiveThirtyEight polling experts give Trump 51.4% projected votes. His nearest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is at 14.5%.

Lachlan Murdoch joins the fray.

Lachlan Murdoch is as fond of Trump as his dad. Quotes an unnamed source as saying Lachlan “had trouble with Trump’s antics” before.

Resetting the Murdoch and Trump relationship may not be easy. Lachlan would be showing a lot of weakness, and it could jeopardize his relationship with his dad, according to Michael Wolff. Murdoch’s biography.

Fox News, regardless of the person in charge, will have to begin rebuilding its relationship with Trump in order to maintain the attention of its Republican audience. Trump’s absence in the debates did not stop the discussion or the interaction between candidates.

Criticism about the format of Fox’s first debate indicates that Fox must do something to win the ratings battle. Falling viewing figures of the arguments without Trump is a sign that Fox needs to act quickly. Trump can, it appears, do without Fox.

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