Take care of your material handling equipment during the shutdown

Forklifts can be used for long periods without causing any problems. You must ensure your equipment can return to work quickly after the crisis passes.

We have already provided advice on how to keep your forklift batteries in good condition if they aren’t being used for a prolonged period. These are similar tips to help you treat your machines if they’re not being used for long periods.

You can move your trucks on solid wheels regularly or jack them up

Your trucks won’t move if your business is closed. It’s better to move trucks with solid wheels than pneumatic tires every so often. Flat spots can occur when a truck with solid wheels is stationary for long periods. This is due to the truck’s weight. It will affect the truck’s ability to get rolling again. By moving the truck around so that different parts of the wheel are in contact with each other, flat spots can be avoided. This will ensure that the truck can work as usual once your business has re-started.

You can also lift trucks off the ground with a jack if this is not possible. You can do the same thing but only once and not at regular intervals. You should make sure your truck has pneumatic wheels.

You can check the safety and health regulations in your country

Each country has its safety and health regulations. However, regular material handling equipment in Melbourne or visits are likely required to ensure the safety of employees and maintain standards. The trucks should not be used if they are not subject to mandatory inspections or service visits. Staff should be made aware that the trucks can’t work and must undergo the necessary inspections before they are allowed to return to work.

Take good care of your IC trucks

LPG-powered or diesel trucks should be treated differently than electric trucks, especially if they aren’t in use for a long time. Diesel trucks need to be filled up with fuel so that no condensation forms inside. LPG trucks can be disassembled from the tank and ensure that the connector is not oxidized or damaged. To prevent discharge, both types of machines should have the battery disconnected and the terminals greased.

Pay close attention to the ground surface

Your trucks should be placed on a level, smooth surface with the forks down to the ground if they are going to remain still for long periods of time. This will prevent different parts of your truck from being put under unnecessary strain, which can lead to problems down the road.

Keep it lubricated

When not in use, ensure that the truck’s mechanics, chains, and other unpainted parts remain lubricated. These parts are critical to the machine’s operation and if they aren’t being used, their lubricants can dry out. Cover the trucks with a fabric dust cover if they are stored in dusty conditions. This will keep them from becoming clogged up.

Businesses and logistics operations are faced with challenges when it comes to maintaining a supply chain that is efficient and economical. 

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