Six types of indoor plants to beautify your home

It is beautiful to have a house plant. They add beauty and life to your home. Indoor plants create a tranquil, pleasant atmosphere in your home. These plants are great for your mental health and help you to relax. Check out these indoor plants to give your home a cheerful, lush vibe.

Aloe Vera Varieties- Popular Types Of Indoor Succulent Plants

Aloe vera is the most common indoor plant. In India, it’s the most popular type of indoor plant. They are known for their healing properties and can enhance your home décor. They are also straightforward to maintain. The growth of this plant is dependent on light. Aloes need at least six hours of direct sunlight.

Aloe vera is a plant that absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide. It then releases oxygen. It purifies the environment and makes it easier to breathe. These fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and, therefore, great for skin and hair. Also, they have medicinal value.

Areca Palms- Second Most Popular Types Of Indoor Foliage Plants

Areca palm is the most common indoor palm plant. The plants have 100 dazzling leaflets. These vibrant greens add positivity and optimism to the decor. This little piece becomes the focal point of your home due to its beauty.

Areca palm trees are expensive and only available in smaller sizes. For their growth, they require ample sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color to fade. You can use indoor plant grow lights to help you.

In the summer, you must fertilize them with good quality fertilizer to replenish their essential nutrients. Areca palms improve air quality by absorbing pollutants. Also, they help to reduce respiratory problems.

Low Maintenance Green Plants for Indoors – Ferns

Fern plants can give your living room a classy, unique look. What is their most attractive feature? The fact that they do not need high maintenance.

These plants will grow in any soil. There is one condition: the ground must be moist. Ferns are like a humid places without direct sunlight. Please keep it away from the dry air. The ferns’ green leaves remove toxic pollutants from the air. Free fresh air for better respiratory health!

Types Of Indoor Water Plants – Lucky Bamboo

The most common indoor bamboo type is lucky Bamboo. It is a symbol of good fortune and luck. It takes effort to maintain. For a healthy bamboo plant, ensure it receives enough sunlight, soil, and water. Remember to fertilize your bamboo plant regularly to maintain its richness and health. Lucky Bamboo is a bamboo that keeps the air clean. It can be placed in any direction.

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