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It’s not as easy as it used to be to choose tiles for your bathroom renovation project. The sheer number of options for design, shape, and color is overwhelming. Originally, tiles were installed primarily for their practical benefits (water resistance, durability, ease of maintenance). However, their aesthetic value is just as important as their functionality.

Manufacturers have expanded their product range to include unique models for the home. Our experts have identified the top bathroom tile trends for 2022. They are concerned with the finishes, colors, shapes, and patterns.

Graphic Tile

This is the perfect accent tile to use on any surface, be it the floor or the wall. These tiles are available in a variety of patterns, in either soft tones and subtle colors or in contrasting colors.

You can find graphic pattern tiles in many places, such as your bathroom. They range from ceramic to subway tiles. For patterned tiles, the most popular option is encaustic ceramic, but porcelain tiles are also becoming more and more popular.

Matte Finishes Tiles


The matte charcoal gray tiles in this bathroom add sophistication.

Matte finish tiles are still in fashion for the next year. Matte tiles are less noticeable than glossy tiles for smudges and other watermarks. Matte finish tiles do not reflect light well, so make sure you have enough artificial and natural lighting when installing.

Matte finish tiles can be a good choice for those who want subtle elegance and refinement.

Neutral Tiles


The trend of neutral colors will continue to be popular in 2022 trends for bathroom tiles. Bathrooms aren’t dominated by bright colors like red, yellow, or blue. Homeowners are choosing neutral colors, especially nude neutrals such as grey and ivory. It is so popular that a brand new color was named after it and now appears in many product lines.

Colors help achieve the goal of a calming bathroom. To keep your toilet from looking dull, layer in neutral shades, textures, finishes, and forms.

Wood Plank Flooring


Nature can be incorporated into a bathroom by using natural elements like those in this one.

Wood planks have only recently made a name in the market. Although authentic wood-grained tiles, such as maple, oak, and cherry, are the most popular, porcelain tiles with wood grain are perfect for bathrooms because they are water and stain-resistant without sacrificing aesthetics.

The wood grain tiles add a natural feel to the bathroom, which is important. For a more dramatic effect, mix wood grain tiles with natural stone planks or other elements such as concrete.

Marble Tile Flooring


The marble finish of vitrified tiles gives your bathroom an elegant, clean white look that’s not devoid of character.

The opulent look of marble makes it a highly sought-after material. Each piece of marble is unique, as it’s a rock that occurs naturally. The use of marble in our homes, particularly bathrooms, has been increasing. The neutral treatment allows the marble to show its true beauty without any obstructions.

Check out these ideas for master bathrooms to get your creativity flowing. A marble-like floor with large-scale patterns is perfect for larger bathrooms. It gives the bathroom a luxurious and unique look.

The marble floor becomes a large canvas with its inherent beauty and the pattern that is embossed. Thanks to technological advances, manufacturers can now create porcelain tiles that look almost identical to marble.

3D Tiles


This beautiful bathroom in blue shows us how to transform our bathroom decor into an amazing landscape. Dolphin bathroom tiles have a 3D look that gives the impression that you are swimming in a large sea with dolphins jumping out from the walls.

If you are looking for inspiration for your bathroom decor, these tiles can be a great alternative to the 2D tiles that are commonly used.

Stone Tiles


This design is popular because it’s simple and uses muted colors. The stonewall decor has a great design aesthetic that combines modern and contemporary styles.

This room’s only splash of color is the greenery. It contrasts beautifully against the grey tones and looks great with the floating shelves and rug. These trendy bathroom tiles have a grittier, more edgy design. They are perfect for small spaces and feature a timeless appeal.

Fancy Tiles


This monochromatic white bathroom will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. This decor is influenced by spa-styled luxury and features a lot of white. The only exceptions are the dark grey tiles on the floor and the beautiful flora.

The bathroom looks sleeker with stylish black faucets. Combining the symmetry of the wall tiles with the abundance of windows in the bathroom gives the area a new look.

Ivory Tiles


This bathroom’s ivory wall tile creates a unique color palette that is both soft and dramatic. The neutral decor of the new bathroom tiles is enhanced by elegantly designed shelves and delicate hanging ornaments. A timeless elegance characterizes this bathroom. It’s elegant and understated.

Moroccan tile


A Moroccan tiled bathroom inspires this bathroom and has a wide variety of colors, patterns, and vitrified tiles. The contemporary designs and colors in the bathroom go with the white vanity, claw-foot tub, and round mirror.

The tiles also add to the trendy printed designs. Bathroom tiles will add style to your decor.

Digitally printed tiles


The bathroom is adorned with a wall of digitally printed mosaic tiles that feature intricate patterns. The white bathtub enhances this beige bathroom and sink.

The floating tabletop is black and beige, with plenty of space for storage. These digitally printed tiles are popular because of their high-resolution image. There is a wide selection to choose from.

Johnson Bathroom Tiles


Ceramic tiles come in many different colors, patterns, and textures. These tiles are suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings. A simple two-tone design keeps the decor modest. Next to the white tub, a three-legged stool is used to store your bath towels.

These simple tiles are made from vitrified porcelain and are germ and stain-free. They have an interior that shows how a bathroom is both functional and stylish.

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