Here are some things to consider before you sell your scrap metal

This 7-point checklist is designed to help you sell scrap metal at a profit. First, you should get the best price. The second is to receive the type of service you would expect when exchanging goods for money. You should also ensure that the company you deal with is of high quality.

1 – Type of Metal

Most scrap metals, if they are not all, have value and need to be recycled. There is a huge difference in the values of some metals. A tonne (or tonne) of aluminum costs PS1679, and a ton (or tonne) of tin costs PS15,470 at the time of writing. You must know what scrap metal you have and which scrap metals you plan to collect. You can send photos to your local scrap dealer to confirm the metal is yours. Many scrap dealers can test metals to identify them accurately.

2 – The Grade of Metal

Many metals can easily be scrapped at a scrap yard. These metals can also be broken down into different grades. The composition of a metal’s metal or its condition will determine its grade. A cable could have a plastic case that would alter the grade. Our website has around 55 different metal grades. It is important to know what grade of metal you have, as the value can vary greatly.

3 – How to Safely Handle It

Scrap metal is not the safest material to work with. Large mechanical grabs are used to handle scrap metal collection. This is partly due to the heavy weight and how dangerous some scrap metals can be. Lead is the most dangerous metal you will encounter in scrap metal trading. Lead is extremely toxic and should not be handled near bare skin. Always wear gloves and long sleeves. You should also adhere to strict hygiene guidelines, such as washing your hands after handling lead. The HSE website has the best lead handling guidelines.

4 – Local, National

Although there are some big players in the Australia scrap metal industry, it does not mean that they have the best prices. This is a known fact. The price that a scrap yard offers is often determined by demand. Scrap yards may not have much demand for certain types of scrap metal, so that they might offer a lower price. You may make more money by buying scrap metal from local scrap yards with lower transportation costs.

5 – Delivery or Collection

You can transport scrap metal yourself if you only have a small amount. If you are dealing with large quantities of commercial-sized scrap metal, then you might need to have it collected. You should also check the transport costs involved in collecting the metal. It would be best to compare the freight costs to transport large quantities. Transport costs can outweigh the difference in PS offered. It is important to shop around for the best collection rates.

6 – Checking prices

Prices vary widely from one scrap yard to the next, whether local or multi-national. It is important to compare the prices offered to you with other scrap dealers in your local area. This is easy with our website. Clicking a few times more can earn you thousands, hundreds, or even tens of thousands more.

7 – How to Get Paid

The scrap industry has changed significantly. Scrap metal trading for cash has been banned to reduce fraud and discourage theft. Anyone offering scrap metal for cash should be given a broad birth. Most scrap yards offer Online transfers. Many scrap yards offer Online transfers. Some also offer prepaid payment cards that allow you to leave the yard and withdraw cash at a cash machine nearby. Even scrap yards in the Australia have cash machines! You don’t have to worry if your scrap yard doesn’t have one. Online payments are quick enough, often instant, but can take up to a few hours.

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