Best Places to Install Security Cameras in a Business

A business’ security plan is incomplete without the use of security cameras. Security cameras are known to discourage theft, both by employees and customers. They also reduce time-wasting behavior, as well as help identify burglar suspects. The placement of these cameras, however, is crucial. Why have a camera if you point it in the wrong direction? Here are the top places to Install best commercial security cameras in your Business.

Exits and Entrances

The cameras can provide a good view of anyone entering or leaving the building. They could also act as a deterrent to those who are considering committing a crime. These cameras will allow you to monitor anyone entering and leaving your building. They can also act as deterrents to those who are considering committing crimes.

Points of sale

Cameras should be installed in all cash registers. It will deter employees as well as customers from stealing. Make sure the cameras are pointed in the direction of where the customers would be standing. They should also not exceed seven feet.


The reception area of most businesses is heavily trafficked and should therefore be protected by security cameras. If you prefer, you can blend the camera into your decor. Modern technology allows for such small cameras.

Security cameras can be hidden anywhere, including in clocks, frames, smoke alarms, sprinkler heads and other objects.


The majority of crimes begin outside. In addition to protecting cars in parking lots, external security cameras would also monitor employees receiving shipments on loading docks.


Your warehouse can house a lot of valuable inventory, and it is a prime location for internal and external theft. How can you protect your warehouse? When you are not on-site, a security camera will be there to protect your warehouse. Install them both inside and out to deter crime. Keep your warehouse well-lit at all times for the best recording. The cameras are useless if you cannot see the criminals.

The Secluded Spots

The employee will either throw the goods away and then retrieve them later or have an accomplice retrieve the items. If security cameras are installed, this type of activity can be curbed.

Installing security camera systems will protect your business, your employees and yourself from harm. 

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