9 Airbnb Interior Design Tips

Airbnb is a very popular service. This is not just due to the competent management of staff. Owners of leases play an important role in the success of the company. The owners of the property spend a great deal of money and effort to attract many holidaymakers. The advice we have provided will hopefully help to create better vacation rental designs for tourists.


All actions in the rental room should be directed at meeting guests’ needs. It doesn’t require a large investment. You can create the conditions necessary for guests to solve their household problems. You can make simple changes that will be useful to tourists.

  • Hang outerwear on a rack in your room.
  • A small recipe board can be hung in the kitchen.
  • Place a sofa in the bathroom so that tourists can relax after a long day.

Even the towel hooks in the bathroom can be important.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Bold Decisions.

Interior changes can be dramatic. If you want to make your Airbnb listing stand out, hang large paintings, frescoes, and lighting. Many young people are looking for a bright, uplifting atmosphere to relax in. Paint the window frames with whimsical colors to surprise your clients. Use your imagination to create unique decorations with ceiling beams. Create a relaxing area near the window.

Decorate your Windows

Avoid installing roller shades over the windows. The heavy curtains will create a cozy atmosphere, especially during the cold winter nights. They are made of dark materials that promote a good night’s sleep. Many guests prefer to retire at night, gazing up into the evening sky or the stars. The clean curtains at the window give solitude extra peace and harmony. Do not be afraid to use wide curtains that cover the entire wall. You will be able to make your room unique.

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Create a Style of Flowers and Plants

Photos of flowers and plants will stay in your memory for a very long time. Water them and give them more light to make them fresher. Arrange your flowers and plants in different parts of the room. This is suitable for:

  • Windowsills;
  • Hanging pots from the wall;
  • Special shelves
  • Countertops for the kitchen
  • Coffee Tables
  • Vases on tables

Use colorful artificial flowers to create a series of photos. Distribute them in a tasteful way around the room.

Make Your Interior Famous on Instagram.

Include unique items in your rental space. The viewer will focus on these items. You can do this by putting funny things made with your hands. You can use a deer head chained on a wall or a feather floor lamp or make a rack in the local ceramic tradition. You can create tables, benches, and chairs that are different from the standard products. Make baskets and flower stands. The objects should be placed harmoniously.

How to Get rid of boring white walls

Interiors with solid white walls are no longer a thing. A poor selection of colors can make life dull. Colors are essential to human life. They soothe and heal, inspire and excite. The colors we choose can affect our well-being, character, and mood. Add bold color to your room’s scheme. Red, the color of passion, energy, and enthusiasm, can coexist with blue to symbolize reason and pragmatism. Yellow brings joy and optimism to the harmony of nature. The purple color, associated with wisdom and nobility, looks beautiful with blue. This color is soothing and relaxing.

Show small rooms

Some people believe that they prefer large spaces. This is not true for everyone. In large rooms, many people feel uncomfortable, as if they are being watched too much.

Show your guest an intimate corner where he can read his favorite book in silence. Here, he can relax under quiet classical music. You can give the room a library-like appearance by placing the music sources next to the books.

Combine antiques with expensive furniture.

Modern tourists are not easily surprised by a rich interior design. You don’t have to display only expensive pieces of furniture. The curious nature of travelers is evident. When they travel, they don’t just think about themselves. They are interested in local history, customs, and traditions. Antiquities are visual evidence of the past. It is reasonable, therefore, to display old items that our ancestors used along with the rich furniture. They can be found in basements, attics, and warehouses. The facts that you will learn about travel will make travelers happy.

Invest in Original Light Sources

We’re used to having the light come from a single point in the room. While beautiful chandeliers at the center of the room are lovely, they do not provide enough light. The vertical surfaces of the room are where we focus our attention. Lighting for the walls is important to provide comfort in the space. It is best to install reflected sources of light in the living room and bedroom. This type of lighting is less harmful to the eyes. It is best to place the lamps so they are not visible. It is important to have special lights so that guests can read magazines or books. Don’t forget that good lighting can transform even the most unattractive of rooms.

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