7 Smart Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Are you fed up with your small kitchen feeling cramped and cluttered, not to mention, uninviting to your guests? How can you make one of the most-used spaces in the home less stressful and like the walls are closing in around you whenever you walk into your kitchen? It’s a common feeling and concern for households dealing with small kitchens in Sydney – where space is becoming harder to afford. However, with a few tricks, you absolutely can make your kitchen more functional and visibly bigger, and in no time. 

The thing is, these tricks are easy to implement too, and a little effort can bring a totally new lease of life to your kitchen and your home life in general. Even your well-being! However, if you are looking to add more personality and style and want some super-clever design ideas, then opting for professional Sydney kitchen renovations can do wonders for your kitchen. Meanwhile, here are some ways to make your small kitchen look bigger and more appealing:

Use brighter colours 

Painting your kitchen in a bright colour is an easy, fast, low-cost and effective way to instantly uplift the ambience of the space and make your kitchen more aesthetic. By carefully choosing brighter colours for small kitchen renovations, you can make the space look wider and seemingly more spacious. Bright colours also reflect light, further adding to the scope of wideness. Try matching two colours together to give your kitchen even more character. Bright colours are also welcoming, inviting you into a happier space, and your guests will feel it too.

Reduce excessive hardware 

Consider replacing bulky doors that carry with them a heavy vibe, with touch-activated latches or opt for integrated pull-in doors that reinforce the clean, clutter-free look. It also significantly reduces the chances of accidental knocks, making the cooking area safer. These installations keep the counter space clear, making them ideal for when you’re cooking multiple dishes and have an occupied countertop. Moreover, these changes make your kitchen look sophisticated while being extremely convenient. 

Opt for compact appliances 

Instead of opting for heavy-looking appliances that take up a majority of floor and counter space and make it challenging to walk around, opt for compact appliances that fit easily and are relatively smaller in size. An effective way of doing this is to take the capacity of the appliance in question into account and think about whether it actually meets your everyday needs. This will help ensure that you are only investing in appliances that do not cause clutter and leave room for free movement. The extra space saved can then be used to create more storage space to store those lesser-used appliances and gadgets.

Use open shelving

Open shelves are an effective way of creating an open and airy look. Plus, as there’s no need to open doors, you’ll no longer have to worry about bumping head-first into them. You will also be able to find and get what you need easily.. Keep in mind these shelves do not necessarily have to be right where the cooking stove is; you can place them anywhere in the kitchen that’s convenient. Wooden shelves and metal shelves are sturdy and can also be a wonderful display area for your knickknacks, favourite cookbooks etc.. 

Use the walls 

Instead of placing everything on the kitchen countertop, you can look for hanging shelves, kitchen towel holders, and appliance holders that can be mounted on the wall. This serves two purposes; they allocate designated space for items to be placed, reducing clutter and disorganisation and secondly, it removes clutter from the countertops. If you have a small kitchen that often gets cluttered easily, this may be a perfect solution for you. Additionally, these installations will add vertical height to your kitchen, giving it a bigger appearance. 

Choose freestanding pieces of furniture

Freestanding furniture pieces on separate legs give the illusion of space as there seems to be space that you can look through. Choosing light-coloured freestanding furniture will also further reflect light, making the available space seem bigger and wider. Another benefit of such pieces of furniture is that they can be moved around, giving the kitchen a wider perspective and can also be moved when extra space may be needed, such as for entertaining.

Avoid mixing too many colours and patterns together

Playing with patterns is a fun way to add more character and depth to your kitchen. However, you could be complicating things by adding too many patterns and colours which if overdone can create the illusion of a messy kitchen and might even look a little tacky. Not a good look! Moreover, if you end up using trending colours and patterns, they are bound to have a shorter lifespan, so always opt for neutral colours with a splash of colour and patterns that can stand the test of time. 

Parting Words

Taking the time to give the perception of a bigger kitchen will certainly be effective and make your cooking space a lot more enjoyable. You can leave the cluttered stress behind and be better able to manage your cooking while maintaining a kitchen, or even entertaining comfortably at the same time. Moreover, it gives you the innovative freedom to explore trends, get creative with your own ideas, and try and test ways to add more space while significantly lowering the clutter-causing elements. Hence, whenever it comes to kitchen renovations in Sydney, be sure to be mindful of your personal needs and preferences above all; that way, you’re sure to be happy with the result.

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