Why choose a Marquee Wedding

Marquee Weddings are becoming increasingly popular and brides no longer have to limit themselves to the traditional wedding venue. Marquee Weddings are a good option if you live in a beautiful area or have a perfect view.

You may not want to marry at the same location as hundreds of other brides or you might have chosen a venue without a reception area and need a place to entertain guests. Marquee weddings can provide a blank canvas which is transformed into something more beautiful than the bride could have imagined.

There are marquees to suit every occasion, from the low-key backyard wedding to the formal affair with 150 guests and more. It’s just a matter of knowing what kind of wedding and who you can hire to make it happen. You should hire a professional company for your whakatane party hire equipment is up to standard and that it’s erected correctly to council standards. A company with experience can guide you through the decision-making process.

It is not worth hiring a marquee that measures 4m by 4m when you want to accommodate over 100 guests at a formal sit-down meal. Let the professionals who have years of experience guide you in making the best decision for your wedding.

It is important to research and look at all the options available for a wedding marquee. Do you want one with clear windows, or silks on the ceiling? You can have the marquee on concrete or grass. Will you need flooring if it’s on grass? You will have to consider these things when planning your wedding. But don’t worry, you can always get help from professionals.

After you’ve made some decisions, you can move on to the layout of the interior. Do you prefer a banquet-style seating arrangement or do you prefer the more traditional round tables with a long head table? You will need to decide whether you want a dancefloor or cake table. A DJ or band is also a good option. These elements will all contribute to the final look and feel of your wedding. If possible, create a floorplan so you can get an idea of how everything will be arranged.

It is a complex process to plan a marquee event, but it does not have to be. Find the right vendors who know what they are doing and will make the whole process go as smoothly as possible.

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