What is Solid Plastering and DIY Tips

Solid plastering is a technique that dates back to the ancient Romans, despite the fact that the construction industry has been highly modernized over the past few decades. The mixtures used in those days were simpler, made up of lime, sand and volcanic ash, which were spread on mud or block wall. Plastering was also used in ancient civilizations before the Roman period. A similar mixture would be applied to straw walls for a smoother finish. Later, solid plastering was used to smooth over walls and make structures more decorative.

Solid Plastering: What is it?

Solid Plastering Auckland is a term used to describe a process of covering a surface in a mixture that will smoothen it and prepare it for painting. The material used is usually a mixture of cement and sand, as it was in the past. Plastering sand is a different type of sand than that used for brick layering. Standard ratios are generally 3:1, which means that 3 parts cement and 1 part sand is mixed. A liquid agent is usually used to mix the two together. The composition is smoothed over the surface of the wall.

It is the application of the compo which requires some professional skills. Some people have been solid plastering their walls for many years.

Solid Plastering Tips

Here are some tips to help you if you decide to do the solid plastering yourself:

  • Before you begin plastering, make sure that all corners and angles are level. Before you begin the plastering, ensure that all corners and angles are leveled.
  • You should also ensure that the surface is clean and free from any pollutants. The plaster mixture will stick to the wall and any contaminants that are on the surface. It could cause paint problems.
  • After the mixture is applied, use trowels to smoothen and level the layer. It will look more attractive.

Why choose a professional?

It is not recommended to do solid plastering in Auckland by yourself. There are several reasons for this. Professionals are familiar with the entire process as they do it every day. They will ensure that the correct procedures are followed and that nothing is missed. They also pay attention to safety, and ensure that accidents do not occur. The best reason for hiring a professional is that they will finish the job in a short time frame and clean up afterward. The work will be completed quickly and without any damage to your home.

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