Tips For Hiring A Great Bouncy Castle

Is the Bouncy Castle Suitable?

The first thing you need to take into consideration is whether hiring a bounce castle is appropriate for your occasion or not.

Does it suit the space available? Does the venue allow the use of bouncy castles? Also, equally important is it in line with the overall flow of the celebration?

1. Space

Bouncy castles of different types have different sizes of space. You should check the dimensions before making a reservation. You’ll be able to locate this information on the internet.

For instance, Bouncy castles our bounce castle partners, offer castles measuring 12ft x 12ft and to 41ft x 10ft. Also, you’ll want to ensure that you have 3 feet all around, and at a minimum 4 or 5 feet at the front.

A tip: Ensure the castles are in good condition prior to making the reservation. When you arrive at the event may not have a smaller option that are available.

There is no industry standard, look into the space you have available and then compare the options.

2. Accessibility

The castle has to be brought in and filled with air. The bouncing area must be accessible. It is not car-friendly, since many castles can be transported on a cart and accessible.

For instance taking a castle through the living room to access an outdoor space isn’t possible. However If there’s a gate on the side or access to your garden that doesn’t require a trip through your home then you’re good to go.

If you call the vendor tell them the accessibility of the area. They’ll determine whether the castle can be adapted. If you’re unsure, pull off your measuring tape.

Pro-tip A rule of thumb, you should always search for the venue first, and then the entertainment. This will allow you to think about the way everything fits together.

3. Noise

Bouncy castles can be noisy.

They’re powered by inflators which must be turned all the time, along with the noise generated by children who bounce. The latter is certainly noticeable.

This is why it’s always advisable to position the bounce castle a bit towards one side. This provides a bit of peace and tranquility for the guests who aren’t bouncing.

You don’t want your castle to be too far away because otherwise, the kids aren’t likely to play more often. (On top of the bouncing game, it’s more of balancing).

Pro-tip For those hosting a kids’ party at which the castle is the main event, you can skip this step. The noise isn’t really an issue.

4. Set-up Requirements

To book the bouncy castle for your party, you must meet a few specifications for setting up that you must satisfy.

  • Electricity: You must have electricity to be able to connect the castle. A standard socket is all you require. The service provider must possess the appropriate adaptor.
  • A flat surface: The castle must be placed on a level surface. It doesn’t have to be perfect, however it shouldn’t be sloped.
  • Clean Space The area: where you will set up the bounce castle must be clear of any sharp items (rocks glass, rocks, …).
    These are only the standard needs. Contact your supplier to determine whether they have other requirements.

For instance, some bounce castles must be set on grass. For security reasons and also for tying them to ground. Others can be secured to sandbags or use mats to protect.

Finally, if you’re hosting your event at a location that is not listed, inquire with the venue to determine what requirements or rules on their own.

Vetting the Quality of a Bouncy Castle

All bouncy castles are made equally. However, determining whether a product online is never easy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Pictures & Videos

The castle from afar is the most accurate way to judge. If that’s not possible you can try finding photos and videos on the internet.

2. Testimonials

It is also advisable to look for reviews. On Bouncy castles you will review reviews on the profiles of every service provider.

If you’re renting an inflatable castle beyond Bouncy castles and there aren’t any reviews available Try getting feedback from other customers.

3. Contact us

Don’t be afraid of getting to the supplier. They will be willing to assist you.

What’s Included in the Fee?

It is important to know what’s included in bounce castles cost.

Different service providers generally offer different packages that may include various options.

1. Set-up & Remove

The obvious choice.

The setting up and taking down process can range between 15 and 30 minutes. You should consider these factors when organizing your event.

2. Rental Duration

How long will the bounce castle be in operation? Talk to the provider to determine what they suggest and if the castle is suitable for your requirements for your event.

While the exact length of time will vary for each provider The majority of rentals run through the into the afternoon.

The bouncy castle is put up in the early morning and it is taken down in the evening following the party. This means that the castle will remain operational for between 8 and 10 hours, enough time for children to let off some exhaustion.

If you reserve the castle outside of the season The vendor might allow you the option of letting it stay for the night and then collect it on the following day. Perfect for sleepovers. But, consider this to be an exception and not the norm.

3. Safety Instructions

If you decide to bouncy castle hire in Auckland and that’s make sure that the provider provides you with all security information as well as the instructions.

In the ideal scenario, you’ll want to keep these notes. It can be difficult to remember everything when the supplier has left.

4. Rain Cover

Do the buildings have protection for rain? Although this is specific to the model many castles are covered for the entire space. This is a very beneficial feature in this region. However, the slides as well as the entrances are not usually protected.

For readers with a glass-is-half-full capacity, this feature is also useful when it’s sunny. It keeps the bounce area cool and pleasant.

5. Public Liability & Insurance

Are the castles insured? And do the service providers have public liability? Don’t leave out this important aspect. It’s essential.

If you take the proper precautions and supervision Bouncy castle accidents are extremely rare. But, for those rare situations, having a suitable insurance is essential.

There are two kinds of insurance, and you need both of them:

Insurance for Public Liability: It is will be in event that one of the guests or party members is injured.
Bouncy Castle Insurance: This covers the possibility that someone in the party causes damage to the castle.
On Bouncy castles You can check whether the service provider has public liability through their website. If you’re not within our region it is necessary to look up the website of the service provider.

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