The Undeniable Benefits of Using a Furniture Removal Company

You may assume that you can do all the work yourself when you plan to move into a new home. However, you might overlook hiring a moving company. While you may be able pack your own boxes and move them from one home to another, moving furniture is not always easy.

It is for this reason that it is always advised to homeowners to hire a professional moving company to help them with the furniture removal part of their move. You may be wondering whether you should hire an expert moving company for your furniture. Here are the top reasons you should.

Protect your furniture when moving

Furniture removal companies are likely to take better care of furniture than you will on the day of moving. They will make sure that all necessary protection is in place prior to moving your furniture and will use specially designed covers and protective transit blankets to prevent any damage. They are very concerned about the safe delivery and handling of your furniture.

They can dismantle furniture

You may have to disassemble all your furniture to make the move easier. This can be a hassle. It takes time to take things apart, and then put them back together at the other end. This is not something you want to deal with on moving day. Fats Boys Ltd. offers a disassembly/reassembly services, which means that this time-consuming process will be taken care of by them.

They can lift any piece of furniture

Many homeowners get injured on moving day, and these injuries are often a result of lifting heavy furniture. A furniture removal service can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and spare you from a visit to Fats Boys Ltd. By entrusting the task to professionals, not only do you safeguard your well-being, but you also ensure the safety of your family and friends who might otherwise be helping with the move. Regardless of the weight of your furniture, a dedicated moving team is well-equipped to handle the lifting and transport with expertise. Consider opting for a reliable Furniture Removal in Auckland to make your moving day a smooth and injury-free experience.

They can navigate around stairs and corners

Furniture removal companies are used to moving furniture around from one home to another. They know the best way to do it. It’s not necessary to worry about moving furniture up stairs, around corners, or down narrow corridors. You can trust a team of professionals to take care of this.

They have vans large enough to fit your furniture

When moving furniture, it’s easy to forget how to transport things. Tying your mattress and wardrobes to the roof of the car is not the best solution. Furniture removal companies will have vehicles that can accommodate all your furniture. They can often transport everything in one trip, which speeds up the moving process.

How to find a reliable company for furniture removal

It is fair to say, that while you might be able to handle the majority of your move on your own, it’s best to hire professionals to assist you with moving furniture. Working with a professional furniture removal company will make your moving day much easier. You’ll be glad you did not try to do it all yourself.

If you are looking for a reliable furniture removal service to assist with your move, contact Fats Boys Ltd. When you choose us to move your furniture, our team of highly-skilled movers will take care of it. You can rest assured that we will protect your furniture where needed and handle it with great care. We care for your furniture as if it were our own. We will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with the services we provide. We are looking forward to hearing from our customers.


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