Some Of The Finest Open-air Tiles In Melbourne

The entrance is always after the porch. The outdoors of any space always sets the first impression of the person coming inside. If the outside area of any space is maintained properly, it creates the vision of beauty in the mind of the viewer. That is why outdoor floor tiles in Melbourne should be chosen wisely to beautify the place.

There are so many designs and options that are available for outdoor floor tiles in Melbourne. Outdoor does not always mean a luxurious area but it has to be happening. It includes all the spaces that are open to the sky where there can be direct weather exposure. The tiles which do not fade or break over time because of extreme weather conditions fit the best for open areas. You can find so many suppliers and dealers of outdoor floor tiles in Melbourne who have a variety of designs in different materials.  You just need to pick the right tile for your outdoor space.



Porcelain tiles come indoors as well as outdoors with some different properties. It is strong as well as dense with a textured surface that fits best for the outdoor area in all ways.


Terracotta gives a faded look to the atmosphere with its reddish-brown texture. These are highly porous and durable with penetrative sealants that protect the tiles from stains, moisture, fungal growth and dampness etc. Terracotta goes wonderfully with the greenery and earthly appeal.


Slate is a type of natural stone and it is always durable and strong which makes it go with the outdoor weather conditions as well. There are many colours of slate tiles from dark colours like black and grey to lighter tones like orange and green. These are also slip-resistant which proves another advantage.


Granite is another natural stone that fits perfectly in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Different designs and shades of granite are available which makes it versatile. 


One of the best natural stones that are processed to make outdoor floor tiles available in Melbourne to handle harsh weather conditions is concrete tile. It is durable as well as budget-friendly. There are a variety of textures and colours that makes your outdoor space just right! It gives a beautiful heritage look with the pinch of vintage tone that makes the home look traditional in all aspects.


It is a natural stone that is non-porous as well as smooth. It is resistant to water and stain. Another important property is that it can withstand freezing temperatures which makes it fit for the harsh weather too. Soapstone can also be used for pool areas.


It is also a natural stone that is durable to withstand weather conditions. The surface of the travertine is polished to make it smooth which makes it perfect for the outdoor floor tiles in Melbourne.


The tile is made out of sand which is why these are called sandstone tiles. There are beautiful textures and are prone to scratches, cracks and chips. The vintage look can add beauty to your place.


The entire above tiles are durable in use of outdoor tiles in Melbourne. Other than these you can use terracotta or cement tile which can also prove to be the best option. Wooden pavers are another option that can go hand in hand with outdoor exposure to nature and architecture both. Choose from the wide range of floor tiles that are all durable and versatile. Get in touch with an outdoor tiles supplier in Melbourne and give your space a perfect look.

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