LED Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising only used paper, vinyl, paint, or mechanical methods prior to the digital age. Today, technology has revolutionized outdoor advertising through the use of LED billboards. What exactly is an LED billboard? LED billboards display advertisements on computerized screens, rather than being painted or printed on a wood backing such as with “traditional” billboards. LED billboards offer advantages that traditional billboards cannot match: the ability to place ads on buildings, more eye catching ads, and the ability to easily display multiple ads.

The key advantage of LED billboard advertising is the ability to produce high quality ads. By incorporating video, LED billboard advertising produces ads that are very realistic. As a matter of fact, full-length commercials can be played on some LED billboards. This allows advertisers to convey a longer message, particularly if the LED billboard is placed near where drivers would need to stop for traffic signals. The captive audience may see the entire message before their light changes.

The idea that businesses can show multiple advertisements with one sign is another huge benefit of advertising with LED billboards. With traditional billboards the original advertisement had to be removed in order to display a different one. Mechanical billboards are, of course, an exception to this rule. These billboards can show a maximum of three advertisements within minutes of each other if they are non-computerized. However, if a mechanical billboard has a scrolling ability and is computerized, it can show up to 30 advertisements. With LED billboard ads, there is no cap on the amount of advertisements that can be shown. If you would like to change them, it is as easy as clicking your computer mouse or inputting new fields into the computer.

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