How water filtration systems can improve your health

Let’s look at the health benefits drinking filtered water can bring and how water filtration systems in Perth can help you improve your health.

What can you do with tap water?


Fluoride is added to water to reduce tooth decay. Although it sounds noble, fluoride can be a neurotoxin or an endocrine disruptor. Fluoride can damage the thyroid gland and calcify your pineal gland. Fluoridation is banned in many countries because of its toxic effects.


The disinfectant properties of chlorine make it useful in cleaning products and swimming pool maintenance. Chlorine can be used to clean sewage and industrial waste. Although it is not completely safe, chlorine can be added to water for purification. The reactive chemical chlorine bonds with water to form poisonous hydrochloric acids. Exposure to chlorine can cause breathing problems and damage cells.


Children are most at risk from lead poisoning. Lead exposure can cause brain damage, developmental issues, hearing loss, deafness and behavioural problems. Lead can lead to premature birth if it is ingested in pregnancy. Lead exposure has been linked to both autism and prostate cancer. It can also cause damage to the kidneys and cardiovascular system.


Mercury is a naturally occurring element. However, it is not safe. It can cause brain damage and blindness, neuro damage, cognitive impairment, impaired motor functions, brain damage, cognitive disability and skin rashes.


Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are chemicals used in industrial applications such as oil, machinery, insulation, machinery, adhesives and electronics. They are still found in landfills and can threaten the environment. The slow degradation of PCBs can infiltrate the environment.


Perchlorates are an important ingredient in rocket fuel or explosives. They are easily dissolved and can seep into groundwater at military and industrial sites. Perchlorates can cause thyroid damage and are a serious problem.


Dioxins can be released by combustion such as forest fires, burning of hazardous materials, cigarette smoke, and oil or coal. They can settle in the environment and cause damage to water sources. Exposure to them for short periods can lead to respiratory problems. Exposure for long periods can cause nervous, reproductive, and immune systems problems.

Water filters that can improve your health

Encourage absorption of essential nutrients.

Filtered water can aid in nutrient absorption. Regular use of an alkaline water filter will ensure that you are drinking alkaline water. This water filter is beneficial in many ways. It increases the rate at which your body can absorb water molecules and nutrients. This significantly improves your overall health.

Improve skin health

For proper skin hydration, it is essential to drink filtered water. Filtered water is a great way to increase the health and hydration of your skin.

Get rid of all traces of stress.

Filtered water has another key health benefit: detoxification. The body can be significantly detoxified by drinking alkaline or filtered water. For everyone’s health, proper detoxification is vital. This is why drinking filtered water can be a great way to achieve this goal.

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