How To Keep Outdoor Cushions And Pillows Fresh All Season

Throw pillows, cushions, and pads can be used to create a more comfortable seat or to add color. Quality pillows are often quite durable. However, it may take a little more effort to keep them clean and fresh throughout the year.

Buy Durable Cushions

A lack of craftsmanship is a liability that can’t be remedied by cleaning or storing for the season. Even the most comfortable and stylish cushions and pillows can lose their value if they are not able to withstand the daily wear of outdoor use. Pier 1 offers a wide range of modern, durable, and luxurious outdoor pillows. They are also easy to maintain and clean.

Protect Furnished Areas from the Elements

It is not enough that an outdoor pillow can withstand the elements such as rain, wind, and snow. It is a good idea to cover patios and dining areas with umbrellas or place furniture under an awning. There is a limit to how far you can go with areas that provide shade and shelter. The occasional rain will help wash away debris, and the direct sunlight exposure can kill mold or mildew.

Storage Options and Solutions

It is also worth it to remove cushions, pillows, and pads from your outdoor furniture and store them in a secure location when they are not being used. Quality cushions are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, but keeping pillows in the off-season or before a storm, or any time they might be unused, can make a big difference. Even the toughest outdoor cushions may fade over time from the sun or prematurely wear due to moisture and rain.

Routine cleaning

Regularly cleaning patio furniture will help it to maintain its best appearance. A quick wipe with a rag or spray of the garden hose is all that’s needed for cushions, seat pads, and outdoor pillows. Cushions and pillows that have not been cleaned in a while may benefit from some extra work. While many household cleaning products may be suitable to use on outdoor pillows and cushions, owners should still check the cleaning instructions provided by their manufacturer. Some cleaning products can be harmful, especially if they are used too often or in concentrated form.

Simple tips will ensure that your outdoor cushions and pillows stay clean and fresh throughout the season. There are many ways to keep outdoor furniture looking great, from investing in better pillows to placing outdoor furniture in an area that provides superior shelter or cover.

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