5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Birthday Party

Everybody deserves a memorable birthday party! They’ll never forget their birthday celebration! Are you up for something fun, exciting and new? How about an outdoor birthday party? It will bring some freshness to the table.

Outdoor birthdays are great for the warmer weather, when the sun is out. You can host a BBQ in your backyard with delicious foodor a birthday adventure at the Adventure Park. Come out and enjoy the sunny vibes!

We know that not everything goes according to plan. So we have created five tips for organizing a successful birthday party.

We’ve compiled a list with our top tips for planning an outdoor party, regardless of how, where, or when you plan to celebrate. One rule is essential: everyone must have fun.

1. All the Important Details

Your guests need to be informed about the details of your outdoor birthday party. Invite guests to your outdoor party with informative invitations. You’ll want to make sure they know what to bring, and what to wear.

Check out our clothing suggestions if you are planning an exciting party at The Adventure Park. You’ll be more comfortable in the trees if you follow these guidelines! The key is to wear loose-fitting tops and bottoms, and closed-toed footwear! You can also have us send electronic invitations! You can create a beautiful invitation by following the instructions. You’ll also be saving trees.

2. Food and Drinks: Think about it

It’s impossible to throw a successful outdoor party without providing your guests with a variety of foods and beverages that will keep them energized and satisfied. Plan a menu that will satisfy your guests, whether you serve finger food, summer refreshments, or a more nutritious meal such as a homemade lasagna.

All summer parties outside require plenty of ice-cold drinks to quench thirst, particularly for children who will need hydration after playing in the sun.

The Adventure Park is no exception. Food and drinks are essential to satisfy hungry stomachs. If your park allows catering, you can either reserve picnic tables and bring your own snacks or book our services. Check the rules for your Park. As an added touch, we can provide goodie bag at an extra cost for the birthday of a child.

3. Entertain Your Entire Guest List

You should ensure that everyone has fun and is entertained, depending on the type outdoor party you are planning. A happy party is a result of happy guests. You can pick from a wide range of outside party ideas. Plan a party for everyone, from children to adultsand from friends to family.

Organise a variety of activities for kids throughout the day at a backyard event to keep them entertained while adults relax. Plan an agenda for all your guests and not just some.

We will entertain your entire guest list at Adventure ParkThe Adventure Park is a great place to bring the whole family. Everyone can have fun: older children can enjoy our treetop zipline trail variety, and younger adventurers are able to climb our specially scaled down Adventure playground. Adults can also become brave children for a day by re-discovering their inner child.

4. Enjoy the Outdoors

Your party will be held outdoors. Take full advantage of it. Take in the fresh forest air and enjoy the sounds and sights.

You don’t need to be a climbing expert to join The Adventure Park. You don’t even have to be an expert climber! Join your family and friends for free. Enjoy the adventure from below, or explore the grounds. Nature is good for your physical and mental health. So, enjoy yourself.

5. Always Plan Ahead

Start planning and preparing for your outdoor party as early as possible. Prepare your guest list early to avoid unwanted events like late responses or lost invitations.

Book your spot at The Adventure Park as soon as possible! We book out fast, so make sure you choose your slot as soon as possible!

You can postpone your party if the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day. Our cancellation policy covers you. Fill out the form to reschedule your party or receive a credit on your account.

Celebrate Your Outdoor Birthday At Adventure Park!

The Adventure Park is the perfect place to host an outdoor birthday party that everyone can enjoy. Swing and soar above the trees to show us your strength. After a well-deserved break, head to our picnic area to enjoy some refreshments and sing “Happy Birthday” with the honoree.

Read our Birthday Planning Guide for more information on how we can make your outdoor birthday dream come true. It will be a memory that the guest of honor, their guests and they themselves can cherish for many years.

Discover the nearest locations to you and how we can host the most exciting park birthday parties in the great outdoors. Book your date now! Call or email us today to learn more about our outdoor party options.

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