5 Car Detailing and Car Washing Tips

It is easy to give the money to a professional to wash your car. It is clear that one cannot wash your car as well as a professional. The method is harsh. In the long-term, it is dangerous for cars.

What are you left to do? Start washing your car by yourself. It wouldn’t take long to wash your car two or three times. You will soon learn the tricks and have more or less the same results with the professional car wash or quality Car Detailing service in Gold Coast. Here are some car detailing and washing tips to help you get started on your plan.

Always clean the car starting at the top

Did you notice the experts washing your car? You might have noticed that experts always clean the car starting at the top. This is because dirt and grime can move from the top to the bottom when you clean your car in this manner. It is not necessary to clean the car again and again. The dirt and grime will not move in the right direction if you start cleaning your car randomly. To clean your car perfectly, you will need to do it several times. Don’t start cleaning randomly. Start at the top of the car and work your way down.

Use a good car soap to wash your car.

Most vehicle owners prefer to wash cars with shampoo or dish soap. Shampoo and dish soap should not be used on your car. They can damage the paint. A good car wash soap is recommended if you intend to wash your car more frequently. Car wash soaps/solutions are made specifically for this purpose and will not cause any harm to your car. Use a mild soap if you only wash your car once a week. This will remove dirt and grime.

Lubricate the latches and hinges

It is important to pay attention to latches and hinges. Most vehicle owners ignore the hinges and latches. You will experience serious problems with your hinges and latches if they are not taken care of. To keep your car in tip-top shape, make sure to lubricate the latches and hinges more often. White lithium grease is the best lubricant. To keep your hinges and latches working properly, spray a light coat.

Paint chips: Treat it!

As important as hinges and latches, paint chips also need attention. Paint chips are a common problem for vehicles that are regularly used. To make your vehicle look new, touch up the paint.

Use wax

Last but not least, remember to seal the car with wax. To achieve satisfactory results, be careful when applying wax or sealant.


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