10 Common Causes Of Air Conditioner Problems

The best remedy for hot nights and days is fresh, cool air. You can find relief from the heat by using reliable air conditioners. If your AC is leaking, rattling, or worse still, not turning on, then it may need to be repaired.

We will cover common air conditioning problems and what you can do to ensure that your aircon is ready for the summer.

Common causes of AC problems

Your air conditioner is no different. It can have problems just like any other equipment. This is especially true if you don’t maintain it properly. If you ignore common issues, such as those listed below, your electric bill will increase. You may need to use a guide on AC repair if the problem gets worse.

  • Dirty Air filters

Air filters are designed to prevent dirt and dust from damaging other components. You can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner by not cleaning or replacing air filters regularly. You’ll have to replace your filters every two weeks during the cooling season. You should clean them or install new ones if your house has furry pets.

  • Leaking Ducts

Ducts on the ceiling and wall circulate cool air. If your ducts are damaged or have holes, refrigerants can leak. Your unit will work harder if your ducts are damaged, increasing your energy usage. It’s also harmful to your health if you have a refrigerant leak. Call a professional to fix the problem.

  • Thermostat settings not correct

The thermostat of an air conditioner keeps the temperature ideal by anticipating the heat or cold in a room. The wrong thermostat settings may cause your unit’s cooling system to misunderstand your cooling needs. The heat inside your home can cause your thermostat to think it is hotter than normal.

It would be best if you placed your air conditioner far away from heat-emitting electrical appliances, such as televisions, lamps, and other devices. It is also important to avoid heat-producing activities like cooking and baking at night when temperatures are lower. This will reduce the amount of energy your air conditioner uses and save you money.

  • Damaged Fans

The fans cool the air in your home while the other fan expels heat that has been absorbed. Fans can malfunction due to faulty motors, worn belts, and lack of lubrication. If the fans are not repaired or replaced, it can damage the compressor. You’ll have to replace the entire AC unit if this happens.

  • Frozen Coils

Dirty ductwork and dirty air filters can cause frozen coils. If the airflow is blocked or the evaporator becomes too cold, ice may build up, causing your unit to emit hot air instead of cool.

Dirt and debris can also accumulate on the coils of your air conditioner that are used to expel air from your home. This can cause your air conditioner to be overworked, increasing the risk of system failure.

  • Clogged drains

The air conditioning units have drainage systems that direct moisture and water away. Water can cause drains to clog, and water in the pan can lead to damage and mold growth on your home’s interior.

  • Block Registers

Open and close the registers to direct airflow exactly where you need it. Dirt can build up and block the airflow when it is opened. Furniture in its path may also prevent cool air from being circulated, which could cause the AC unit to work harder.

  • Circuit Breaker or Fuse Fault

It would be best if you also considered the electrical connection of your cooling system. A faulty circuit or a broken fuse can cause air conditioner problems. Replace the fuse or circuit breaker immediately after allowing your air conditioner to cool. If you are unable to make your AC work, a technician will be needed.

  • Improper Installation

Inefficient installation can also reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. Placement under direct sunlight can increase pressure, while placement near trees or plants can crowd the compressor, preventing it from producing cool, fresh air.

Incorrect installation can cause warm air leaks or the unit to rattle.

  • Neglecting annual maintenance

If you forget to perform annual maintenance, it can lead to costly repairs and even require a total replacement. Don’t undervalue the importance of a routine aircon checkup. It allows your technician to detect problems early and replace damaged components before they become a problem.


Infrequent cleaning and maintenance can cause your air conditioner to malfunction. These problems can cause not only repair costs but also higher energy bills. Cleaning and maintenance are important to prolong the life of the unit and ensure that you’re comfortable.

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