Engaging, fun and social content can help increase the readership of an internal newsletter, but don’t lose sight of your communications objectives. There’s more to a newsletter than “Brides, Babies and Birthdays”.

So what are typical objectives of an internal newsletter?

In general, the objectives of an internal newsletter are similar to those of any internal communications channel; reach, readership /cut-through for important messages, reader engagement and influencing attitudes and behaviors.

Breaking down silos. Employee newsletters can also be a good way to break down silos within an organization by allowing you to share the activities and news from one division across the wider organization.

Reducing email overload. Internal newsletters provide the means to aggregate mass email messages and reduce email overload for employees. The newsletter can contain notices such as; planned IT outages, marketing updates, hr announcements and so on that would otherwise fill up inboxes as separate emails arriving at different times.

Reinforcing other communications. Appropriate newsletter articles can serve to reinforce and promote information and messages in other communications channels such as the intranet.

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